Project Committees

The ACROSSING project has set up various committee and advisory boards, details of the main contacts within these are highlighted below. 


Ethics Advisory Committee Membership

  • Paul McCullagh, Ulster University, UK (Chair)
  • Ioannidis Dimos, CERTH, Greece
  • Andrew Spink, NOLDUS, The Netherlands
  • George Kernohan, Ulster University, Independent Ethics Advisor, UK
  • Rachel Dutton, ACCORD, Independent Ethics Advisor, UK  
  • Liming Chen, De Montfort University, UK



External Advisory Committee Membership

  • Professor Patrick Olivier
    School of Computing Science
    Newcastle University, UK
  • Professor Chengsheng Pan
    Dalian University, China
  • Dr. Wolfgang Leister
    Norsk Regnesentral/Norwegian Computing Center
  • Professor Huansheng Ning
    University of Science and Technology Beijing (USBT), China