ESR2. Behavioural analysis for personalised self-management of chronic diseases.

Project Title: Behavioural analysis for personalised self-management of chronic diseases.

Description:  ESR2 is working on a personalized self-management system for chronic kidney disease patients. This includes the building of a behaviour analysis model detecting daily behaviour with the latest wearable sensors and internet of things including among others motion sensors, door sensors and fitness trackers. The combination of different sensors will make the system adaptable to different users and help to meet the demands individually. The model will include vital signs and human behaviour to detect changes concerning kidney disease problems which will help patients to self-manage their health and lifestyle, and access their data anytime.

To achieve this goal a behaviour data model will be constructed including data mining and pattern recognition algorithms. Later on, decision making support mechanisms will be used to transport personalized important information to the users and care givers.


ESR2: Sarah Fallman

Affiliation: School of Computer Science and Informatics, De Montfort University, UK