ESR3. Privacy-preserving, standard-based wellness and activity data modelling and management within SHs.

Project Title: Privacy-preserving, Standard-based Wellness and Activity Data Modelling and Management within Smart Homes.

Description:  The huge amounts of data available through smart home sensors are transforming smart Assisted Living. However, there are two major challenges: (1) extending existing standard-based clinical data models to include wellness and activity data and (2) maintaining the privacy of the residents. ESR3 will work on a cloud based data management framework and user consent mechanisms, which enable the collection, storing, analysis, and sharing of sensitive data while providing privacy for individual users. The goal is to address how and in which format data regarding health, daily human activities and lifestyle data can be combined in data models, and be made accessible to all interested parties in a secure and private way.


ESR3: Ismini Psychoula

Affiliation: School of Computer Science and Informatics, De Montfort University, UK