ESR10. Egocentric subject monitoring and tracking in Smart homes.

Project Title: Egocentric subject monitoring and tracking in Smart homes.

Description:  The project of ESR10 comprises the embedding of a first-person wearable camera in a Smart-Home environment. The end goal is to achieve real-time understanding of the activities performed by the camera wearer, from their perspective. Ultimately this information will help identify patterns of behaviour connected to the diseases they suffer from, in order to detect signs of progression or improvement.

The objectives of ESR 10 consist of the development of an object detection system that operates in controlled environments through a first person wearable camera. Analysis of the correlations between the objects will lead to activity detection. Furthermore, the integration of different sensors to enhance the comprehending capabilities of the system is required. Context recognition utilizing video information are not fully equipped against complex scenarios and external sensors will provide more information towards their distinction.


ESR10: Georgios Kapidis

Affiliation: Noldus Information Technology BV