5th Training Event in Vienna

ACROSSING project will carry out the 5th Training Event this week (28th May - 1st June) at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH. 

In this Training Event we are going to talk about different topics such as:

  •  Open Smart Home platform and infrastructure
  • Team work
  • Career planning
  • Employability

We all are looking forward to learning as much as we can.



Mid-Term Meeting and 4th Training Event

ACROSSING project will face the MTM the 24th of October. This MTM will be held in Madrid. ESRs are preparing their presentations and posters to explain their researchs to the Project Officer. 

On the other side, this MTM will run jointly with the 4th Training Event. This Training Event is focused on the "human machine interaction, innovation, IPR and entepreneurship. This will be an exciting chance for ESRs to learn about this broad topics in a perfect environment such as the UPM's "Living Lab".

Third Training Event (Leicester)

The third training event will be held in De Monfort University. This event will run jointly with the 2nd Scientific Event.

During the course of this training event, the ESRs will update the presentation of their individual project as usual. There will also be some activities to foster their collaboration, stretch relations and networking within between the member of the consortium. It is worth highlighting the "Ethics Training" that will be managed by the members of Ulster University. 

ESRs and PIs will be accompanied by some experts like:

Second Training Event (Passau)

The second Training Event of ACROSSING project will be held in Passau (Germany). 

The main focus of this Training Event is: Sensing and monitoring of Assisted Living, and also research methodology and project management.

Within this Training Event, every ESRs will update the status of their individual projects as well as the new advances on the development of the Scientific Objectives and the demonstrators.

1st ACROSSING Training Event | September 2016

We look forward to the project's first ACROSSING Training Event, which will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece from Wednesday 14th September - Friday 16th September, 2016. 

The event will be held in our project beneficiary CERTH's premises in Thessaloniki, which will give our ESRs the opportunity to see real demonstrations of CERTH's Smart Home Living Lab and allow the ESRs to participate in interesting pilot cases and small projects, training them in the key aspects of research.