ACROSSING Secondment: De Monfort University

ESR Eduardo Machado completed his latest secondment in De Montfort University. Our ESR 14 is investigating on adaptive user interfaces to help older people in Smart Home environment. During the secondment, he had the opportunity to present his recent work at the Symposium on Smart Healthcare and Innovation at DMU. A computational framework that combine eye features metrics and machine learning algorithms enabling the assessment of user cognitive load.

ACROSSING project is taking shape

After the first training event that took place in Thessaloniki (Greece), all ESRs and tutors started to establish some dissemination policies for an efficient and efective public engagement and dissemination. The main goals of the dissemination activities are to reach a broader and varied audience and to generate interest into different sectors of the society by providing them the appropiate level of detail. To do so, there will be interesting and constant publications and other dissemination material.